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Portland, Oregon
Workers Compensation Attorney

Aldrich Law, LLC

Workers' Compensation Attorney - Serving Portland and all of Oregon.

Since 2009 I've been immersed in Oregon Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury litigation. I began my practice working for the "other side" for a major insurance company. I defended employers and the carrier, and managed and trained paralegals, for years. However, my heart lies in helping people so I "switched sides" a few years ago. Now, I use my experience to help folks get what they're entitled to. Insurance companies have thousands of employees, vast resources, and deep knowledge. You need someone on your side who knows what they know and isn't afraid to stand against them. If you've been injured on the job in the state of Oregon -then give me a call and let's see if you have a case.

~Spencer Aldrich - Attorney & Owner, Aldrich Law, LLC.



Years of experience

Licensed since 2009, Mr. Aldrich has worked on both "sides" of litigation giving him a unique perspective.


Clients helped

Over the years, Mr. Aldrich has helped hundreds of workers get their cases to resolution...either at a hearing or through a settlement.


Million Dollars

Mr. Aldrich has obtained over $5,000,000 for his clients from insurance companies. The number grows every day!


Construction Workers at Sunset


People get hurt on the job every day, but when the injury requires medical treatment, it can become a Workers’ Comp claim. Often these claims are denied outright, which means you have to appeal your denial to a judge to get the benefits you deserve. Other times a claim is accepted, but some other problems arise…lost wages aren’t paid timely or correctly, treatment is denied, the claim is prematurely “closed." Whatever the case, you need expert help navigating the system and fighting the insurer to get your benefits: fully paid medical treatment, lost wages, permanent disability, and vocational retraining.


A motor vehicle collision or personal injury can be really stressful…both because you’re injured and trying to figure out treatment, but also because, usually, at least two insurance companies are hassling you for information. To top it off, your car is probably busted. Talking to a lawyer soon after the accident or collision can be a real-life saver. I keep the insurance companies off your back and help make sure your treatment/PIP goes smoothly so you can focus on healing. Then, I go after them so you can decide whether settlement, or litigation, is right for you.

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Injured while on the job? You don’t know who to trust or where to go. Getting in touch with a workers’ compensation attorney in Oregon is the first step. At Aldrich Law, LLC you will be represented directly by Mr. Spencer Aldrich, an attorney with over 15 years of expertise in workers’ compensation matters in Portland, Oregon.


Spencer specializes in workers’ compensation lawsuits in Portland and throughout Oregon, advocating on behalf of employees injured on the job or at their workplace against their employers and insurance companies. If you or a loved one have been hurt on the job, the first thing you should do after getting medical attention is to go to a workers compensation attorney to find out if you have a legitimate claim. Or, if you’ve already reached out to the insurer and had your claim denied, it is in your best interest to speak with us to determine whether or not the insurer is trying to avoid paying you what you’re owed.

Your right to workers’ compensation benefits should be investigated if you have suffered an injury on the job or been diagnosed with a disease that you suspect is work-related. If you become sick or injured and are unable to work for an extended period of time, or if you become permanently incapacitated, these payments can help cover your medical costs and replace some of your lost income.


Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation application procedure is complex, and many legitimate claims are wrongfully dismissed due to procedural issues. Portland Workers Compensation Attorney, Spencer Aldrich, is devoted to informing clients and advocating on behalf of injured employees. Spencer will take the time to clarify your legal choices, whether you’re dealing with a complex issue or just want to chat about a modest claim.


Portland Workers Compensation Attorney, Spencer Aldrich has been successfully representing wounded employees and their families for 12 years. In fact, he is known for taking on the most challenging cases in this field and his 12 years of experience have fine-tuned his legal skills and have given him the expertise to determine the most efficient and effective course of action for each case. 

Oregon? Don't wait. Give us a call, visit us in our Portland office, and/or contact us for a consultation. 


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Admitted to practice law in the State of Oregon.

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